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Rivington Information Security provides high calibre Information Security Consultancy and Managed Security services, working with organisations to overcome their Information Security challenges and achieve the desired maturity allowing for secure business operations, protection of data and systems.


Rivington achieves this by understanding the ever changing threat landscape and applying best practice solutions and capabilities. This allows organisations to understand and prioritise the risks to their business and control budgets more effectively to develop and deliver a security maturity programme within the organisation to achieve the desired business objectives.


At Rivington we assist our clients at every stage of the journey and provide realistic, achievable and scalable guidance whilst understanding the need to complement existing controls and policies which may be in place.


  • Supporting a constantly evolving business growth arena

  • Enabling protection against an increasing threat landscape


  • Empowers secure business operations, protecting data and systems in a consistent manner


  • Enhancing risk awareness by supporting a mature risk management programme
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