Identity & Access Management (IAM)

As organisations move more and more business towards cloud and mobile based applications, the threats to which they are exposed increase dramatically. Thus controlling and governing identity and access in the digital age has become ever more important and challenging. Ensuring that a solution does not impact productivity whilst also not compromising on security is one of the biggest challenges that Rivington Information Security helps our clients overcome.


Rivington Information Security offer the following core services for Identity & Access Management (IAM):


•Assess – Work with internal stakeholders to assess the requirements and business needs to ensure that the correct solution is delivered

•Design - Architecture of the right solution to meet the organisations business requirements so that the correct security coverage and governance is in place from day one

•Build - Staging, deployment and tuning – working with internal teams to ensure minimal interruption or delay

•Implement – Ensure the internal transition and adoption of the solution is managed

•Manage, Operate and Transition – Manage, operate and educate internal teams to enable a transition to internal operation and management if desired

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