Security Operations Centre (SOC)

In todays threat landscape having a SOC capability is a crucial function within an organisation to ensure a single entity can provide insight and governance around the various security controls in place.


It will provide understanding, visibility and the ability to respond to threats and anomalous events within the corporate network, minimising the potential impact and reducing exposure. Rivington provide the following core services in the SOC arena:


•Assess – Work with stakeholders to understand the business objectives and current challenges whilst also evaluating any existing infrastructure

•Design – Architecture of the solution which will also include recommended timelines for implementation and integration capabilities, ensuring scalability is considered

•Build – Working with internal teams to deploy and integrate new and existing infrastructure in line with the design and timeline

•Implement – Ensure the integration with other business functions and processes are updated or created to achieve the business requirements are in place

•Manage, Operate and Transition – Rivington are able to provide management of the infrastructure, operation of the SOC function in full or work with the client to build and transition the day to day operation to an internal team

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