Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management is a vital operation within an organisation however can prove problematic due to resource, prioritisation and maintenance of signatures. Whether driven by compliance requirements or security policies, Vulnerability Management is not a function which should be overlooked.


Rivington provide the following core services in the Vulnerability arena:  


•Assess – Work with key business functions to understand drivers and challenges and conduct an initial Vulnerability Assessment to provide a ‘current state’ view

•Design - Architecting the solution ensuring it meets all compliance and/or policies also building a schedule to ensure adequate coverage of all infrastructure with minimal impact to the network

•Build - Working with internal teams to stage, deploy and tune the solution, ensuring scan windows are agreed with various internal platform owners

•Implement – Ensure internal transition and scanning/patch management schedules and policies are in place and understood

•Manage, Operate and Transition – Rivington are able to provide simple platform management through to full operation and also transition to an internal team

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